The Region

Lunigiana. Once Bitten Forever Smitten.


In the northern reaches of Tuscany, nestled between the majestic Apennine mountains and the Mediterranean, you’ll discover a slice of authentic rural Italy like nowhere else. Welcome to Lunigiana, an enchanting land of wild meadows, grand forests, crystal clear rivers & lakes and dramatic hills, sprinkled with fairy tale stone built medieval towns and hamlets. This historic land that has been fought over for centuries by Romans, Etruscans, French and Spanish, will capture the heart of every visitor.

Words from some more recent arrivals: “The climate is temperate, the scenery breath-taking, the people warm and friendly, and the location is perfect for getting pretty much everywhere. We love it here.” 


Living the dream


This amazing region offers a lifestyle that many find hard to resist. There is a closeness to nature and a connection of the people to the landscape that is so rare these days. Imagine popping out in the autumn to forage for Porcini mushrooms and wild chestnuts in a scarlet and gold forest. 

Here children can still play freely in the streets and fields, bathe in the cool, sparkling river pools in the summer heat, and enjoy the excitement of crisp snows in the winter. (A note for lovers of skiing: The region has a number of ski resorts which are not overcrowded with tourists.)

In Lunigiana the seasons are dramatic to the extreme and offer a captivating landscape, which once experienced is difficult to live without. 


Relocating made easy 


With the growth of low cost air travel, Lunigiana is easily accessible for property owners and holiday makers alike. Wherever you’re located within Lunigiana you’ll be within an easy hour’s drive to airports at Pisa, Genoa and Parma and just 2.5 hours from Milan. And having a train station within 20 minutes’ drive means you can reach La Spezia within 30 minutes, then simply connect to fast trains traveling across the country and to wider Europe. 

However, although commuting from Lunigiana isn’t impossible, many people can work remotely now, which makes living in Lunigiana so much easier. It allows you to connect more with the local community. Those with a young family will find that schools welcome northern European students, making the transition a more relaxed and gentle process. 

Because we want you to really appreciate life in Lunigiana, we offer so much more than property sales. We can help you settle and feel at home, finding you the right property in the right location that suits all your needs and introducing you to your new community. 

For second homeowners, the attraction of the region’s history, charm and wild natural beauty means there are substantial opportunities for rental income, should you wish to market your property as a holiday destination. Pianta Toscana has extensive holiday letting and management experience and can assist and advise you on all the options. Your home will be safe with us.